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PingCheck-Sonar Performance Prediction Software

PingCheck Sonar Performance Prediction Software

PingCheck, Sonar Performance Prediction Software is supplied stand alone or optionally with SonarTech's sonar and underwater acoustics systems and is used to estimate active sonar's performance under given acoustical, oceanographical and meteorological conditions. Software is developed with C and C++ programming language processing and validating the ray theory and it represents modeling results in a quite fast way (most complex calculations finalized less than 0.5 seconds). 

Operators can input parameters to describe the sonar parameters, environment and target and software provides operator the estimated sonar performance against given input parameters. SonarPerf software can be used for any type of active sonar along with known parameters which its transmission frequency underwater is between 1 kHz and 1 MHz. This frequency range includes anti-submarine warfare sonars, mine warfare sonars, diver detection sonars, forward looking sonars, imaging sonars  and so on.

Sonar Parameters such as Transmission Frequency, Bandwidth, Pulse Type, Pulse Length, Source Level, Directivity Index, Beamwidth, Tilting Angle, Detection Threshold and Deployment Depth etc can be entered and/or altered by the operators to understand their effects on detection performance.

Environmental Parameters observed and/or measured acoustical, oceanographical and meteorological conditions such as Sound Speed Profile, Bottom Sedimentation, Sea Floor Topology, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Own Platform Noise Figure, Sonar Noise Figure, Shipping Density and Target Strength etc can be altered in regards with the site’s conditions observed. Sound speed or temperature and salinity versus depth can also be acquired from many kinds of probes (CTD, XBT, XSV, etc) or can be recalled from files stored earlier on computer's disc.  

It is always good to know to estimate your sonar's capability before or during the operation. PingCheck gives operators the opportunity to enhance detection probabilty with changing sonar parameters as well as deployment depth of the sonar when it is available to do so. When you have PingCheck accessible in your hand, you can continiously monitor acoustic modeling outputs where underwater conditions differ hour by hour with seasonal effects.   

PingCheck software provides the following graphical outputs. Outputs can be exported in graphics (image) and numerical formats. 
- Sound Speed Profile (operator's entity or from file or from CTD, XBT or XSV probes)
- Raytrace
- Transmission Loss
- Reverberation Curves
- Probability of Detection
- Signal Excess

PingCheck software is able to calculate predictions for shallow and deep waters. 

Environmental Parameters Input

Signal Excess Plot

Ray Trace Plot

PingCheck software is available to be interfaced / integrated externally by any third party software. Transmission Loss, Probability of Detection or Signal Excess Diagrams are accessible via ethernet and can be acquired to plot / display on any GIS system such as a tactical display. 

 PingCheck Sonar Software Ray Trace Plot (with reflected rays indicated) and Probabilty of Detection Plot

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