SignalSOFT-Signal Analysis Software

SignalSOFT Signal Analysis and Recording Software

SignalSOFT allows operators to monitor, record and play back the signal acquired from the hydrophones with the following ways: 

1. From computer's internal or external sound card via a analogues signal cable
2. From SonarTech's SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone and from DAQ boards via ethernet
3. From any file recorded in standard wave format

Either acquired from the sound card or from DAQ board or SeaSonic digital hydrophone, hydrophone signal is recorded in the computer's disc in standard wave file formal with a file extension of .wav. 
Software offers three mode of recording operation:

  1. Manual Mode
    Operators control start and stop data acquisition and recording.
  2. Scheduled Mode
    Operators can schedule to start and stop data acquisition and recording periodically with a set period (in hh:mm) and record duration. Software will control recording within an operational schema, standing by for hh:mm duration and recording for hh:mm duration until schedule is cancelled by the operator. 
  3. Programmed Mode
    Operators can schedule to start and stop data acquisition and recording periodically with a set period (in hh:mm) and record duration in a selected time span (e.g. between 04:15 and 06:30 p.m.). 

When interfaced by multichannel DAQ boards such as Signal-DAQ-4, Signal-DAQ-8 or Signal-DAQ-16 or (with boards customly designed by more number of channels), all data is accessible in a single data package and it is parsed by the software SignalSOFT. For the customers who wants to develop their own softwares, we also supply Interface Control Document (ICD) which caters the necessary information to acquire digital data from the above mentioned boards.

Signal-SOFT software is designed and developed to run under Windows operating systems. However, our data acqusition boards allow interface from the platforms where both Windows or Linux operating systems are installed.

It is possible to visualize received signal in real time on relevant graphics. Gain values of DAQ boards and SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone can be set per channel. Applied gain is immediately set onboard the applied channel on DAQ boards and SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone.

SignalSOFT User Interface


Settings - Operational Modes

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