SEASONIC Digital Hydrophone

SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone

SeaSonic Digital Hydrophone is designed for underwater noise monitoring and underwater noise recording either with a personal computer of integrated in a ROV or AUV or UUV or onboard an oceanographic buoy. It is ideally applicable for commercial whale watching, industrial engineering, ambient noise monitoring, marine mammal monitoring, recreation, tourism, education, art and research purposes.
SeaSonic is equipped by the following sub-systems:

- Sensor Cetacean Research Technologies' CR1/CR1A or CR3 hydrophones 
(Other hydrophones as per customer requirements are applicable to integrate)
- Hardware  Signal DAQ-4 Data Acquisition Board (with Analogue Signal Conditioning) 
- Software SignalSOFT 

Hydrophone signal is conditioned in analogue domain (preamplify, filter and control automatic gain) and digitized by embedded Signal DAQ-4 data acquisition module in the underwater housing. SeaSonic is controlled by the software SignalSOFT where operators can start / stop data acquisition and data recording and can set the gain of each channel of Signal-DAQ-4 board. SeaSonic is also controlled to start / stop data acquisition and data recording by means of a scheduled or programmed operation via SignalSOFT Software. 

Frequency Range CR1/CR1A 0 - 48 kHz, CR3 0 - 77 kHz (-/+ 3 dB linear)
Sampling Rate 192 kHz
Sensitivity CR1/CR1A -198 dB, CR3 -210 dB re 1V/µPa
Max Operating Depth CR1/CR1A 100 m, CR3 250 m
Operating Temperature CR1/CR1A -25 to +60 ºC, CR3 -40 to +90 º
Directionality CR1/CR1A Omnidirectional below 10 kHz, CR3 Omnidirectional
Input Voltage 9 - 36 VDC
Power Consumption 200 mA when supplied 24 VDC (4.8 W) 
Cable Length 10 m (standard) (optional longer cables up to 85 m long are available)   
Weight 5.6 kg (without the underwater cable)

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